Lotti’s Practical Versioning Scheme (LPVS)

2010-05-01 by Thomas Lotterer

Do you or does your team work with documents that evolve over time? Then you know how troublesome it is to locate a certain version, identify the latest version, find the predecessor of a version and manage diverging variants. It’s time to think about some basics. No longer find various notations of date and time information in filenames. No headaches on deciding whether the successor of 1.9 is 1.10 or 2.0. No need for version control software. Just obey some simple yet powerful rules.

■ LPVS describes a concept of document versioning
■ Manual implementation is intended, there is no need for a tool
■ A major design goal was to keep it simple and stupid (KISS)
■ The target audience are humans who care about document reproducibility and genealogy
■ Nevertheless the approach is practical, artistic and scientific
■ Results are self-explanatory for simple cases and quickly explained for advanced cases

LPVS release 2010-05-01

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  1. Thomas Lotterer Says:

    Improvement for next release is to allow “-0+” version being shortcut to “+” only.

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